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Tzin Wilderness Full Day Tour

Tzin Wilderness Full Day Tour

Duration: 7-8 hours (can be shortened if need be)

Starts/finishes: Sde Boker area at 09.00 

The Tzin Wilderness (or Tzin Desert) is a beautiful and interesting area with a many and varied sites including amazing viewpoints, the fantastic Akev spring where those that choose may swim in the deep cool pool, the huge Zik oasis with it's rare vegetation, facinating archaelogical sites including ancient Nabaten water cisterns, numerous sites from past civilizations - stone age, early Israelite, Nabatean and Byzantine to name just a few. 

The area also boasts a facinating ecosystem including Griffin and Egyptian vulture roosting and nesting sites as well as many other birds and animals. The vegetation, although sparce, is super interesting especially if you happen to come after a good rainfall which is followed by flowers that one cannot imagine certainly not in a 'desert'. 

Let us take you on a journey of discovery using our knowledge and rugged 4X4 vehicles to help us tailor plan and then take you out for an unforgetable adventure. 


Sunday - Friday: 1-6 participants - 1,795 NIS per jeep (locals have to add 305 NIS VAT).
Sunday - Friday: 7-8 seat participants - 1,965 NIS per jeep (locals have to add 335 NIS VAT)

Saturday: 1-6 participants - 2,050 NIS per jeep (locals have to add 350 NIS VAT).

Saturday: 7-8 seat participants - 2,220  NIS per jeep (locals have to add 380 NIS VAT)

Tourist price, excludes VAT, requires presentation of a valid tourist B2 visa.

Activity by prior reservation through our office/web site. 

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