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Dining Out in the Israel Desert

Dining Experience

Dining Experience

Local cuisine is without a doubt one of the pleasures of travelling. Israel has an incredibly diverse culture and it's cuisine reflects this. The Negev to has it's culinary pleasures as well as simple places where one can get a simple but good meal - here are some of the options and if you want a little more help or a special idea just contact us here.

Imagine driving along in the desert and then suddenly coming upon a nice shady spot with a beautifully laid table and a buffet loaded with freshly prepared salads and perfectly grilled meats or a selection of local goats cheeses, salads and fine local wine.

Another option would be to stop our jeeps, "in the middle of nowhere", on a dark night and then start to walk through the dark and then suddenly have lights come on illuminating a fantastic backdrop of coloured layers of rock and then a little further on a sumptuous buffet loaded with fresh salads, perfectly grilled meats all to be eaten around tables taken straight out of a restaurant complete with table cloths and fine cutlery.

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