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The Ramon Machtesh in a Nutshell

The Ramon Machtesh in a nutshell

Discover the beauty of Makhtesh Ramon with our guided 4X4 tour, designed to take you through the stunning desert landscape in just 2 hours. Our expert guides will share their extensive knowledge of the unique flora, fauna, geology, and history of the area, providing an unforgettable adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

Israel Desert Tour to the Ramon Crater

Duration: 2 hours

Starts/finishes: Mitzpe Ramon - 09:00 12:00 and 15:00 (in summer later if need be) 

Trail description:

The exact itinerary may vary according to season, weather and time of day. We start in Mitspe Ramon and descend down to the bottom of the Ramon Machtesh along the Atzmaut Ascent and then cross half the widthcto Wadi Ramon where we will stop to explain what a Machtesh is (a type of 'erosional crater') and how it was formed. We will continue across the floor of the Machtesh to the summit of Mt. Gvanim which offers a stunning view of the entire Machtesh and from there along Wadi Gvanim stopping in the shade of an Accaia tree to explain about the flora and fauna of the region before returning to Mitzpe Ramon. While the tour is all about the content and not the ride itself we will need the 4X4 vehicle to make it happen.


Sunday - Friday: 1-6 participants - 845 NIS per "jeep" (locals have to add 144 NIS VAT))
Sunday - Friday: 7-8 participants - 1,015 NIS per "jeep" (locals haver to add 175 NIS VAT)

Saturday: 1-6 participants - 1,015 NIS per "jeep" (locals have to add 175NIS VAT)

Saturday: 7-8 participants - 1,185 NIS per "jeep" (locals haver to add 205 NIS VAT)

This tour is also offered as part of a package deal that includes rappelling here

Tourist price, excludes VAT, requires presentation of a valid tourist B2 visa 

Activity by prior reservation through our office/web site. 

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