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Places to Stay

There are lots of places to stay in this area and although we prefer not to do the reservations for you we will be happy to help in any other way that we can. Following is information on some of the places you can choose from with links to their web sites.

If we can be of any further assistance please contact us.

Far and away the most exclusive must be Isrotel's Beresheet hotel. This fantastic hotel, probably one of Israel's finest, is brilliantly located on the edge of the Ramon Macthtesh where it provides it's guests with stunning scenery and service to match.

Beresheet's sister hotel, the Ramon Inn, situated just minutes away in the town of Mtzpe Ramon is less exclusive but definitely provides value for money and offers good food, nice rooms, an indoor pool and a friendly service.

The Mitzpe Ramon Youth Hostel is open to groups of all sizes and ages and although it cannot offer the views of the Beresheet it too is very close to the edge of the Ramon Machtesh and one minute walk will bring you to a stunning view. There are different rooms available from dorm style to doubles.

Not far from the town of Mitzpe Ramon and close to the edge of the Ramon Machtesh is the SPNI Mitzpe Ramon Field School. Here too there are different rooms available to choose from.

About 35 kms away on the Ben Gurion campus near Sde Boker is another SPNI affiliated field school. This establishment has different levels of rooms available from the Hamburg Guest House down to the more down to earth dorm style "Mishushim" - be sure to choose the room that suits your needs.

Still further north, on Kibbutz Mashabe Sde is the Mashabim Country Lodge - here to there are different levels of rooms available. The meals are served in the Kibbutz dinning room but are not always an option for the smaller groups so be sure to verify beforehand what is or is not available.

Apart from these relatively large establishments there are many guest cabins in the area. Some of these are rooms in people's homes others are separate "cabins" on farms and homesteads in the region. Part of travelling is meeting the people in the region and this is a great way to meet them. Here are a few:

The Alpaca Ranch.

The Camey Avdat Vineyard.

The Naot Goat Farm complete with it's dairy.

The Bait BaMidbar Guest House.

The Gag BaMidbar Guest House.

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