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BBQ in the Israeli Desert

BBQ in the Desert

BBQ in the Desert

BBQ in the Negev Desert, Israel
Negev Desert Camping and BBQ

Our wilderness BBQs are legendary and never fail to impress our guests. We use only the finest produce and prepare it with precision to produce an unforgettable and mouth watering experience​.

A typical BBQ menu includes two freshly baked Aubergine salads, a Quinoa Tabbouleh, freshly chopped vegetable salad, finely chopped cabbage dressed in soya, oil and vinegar and topped with roasted pine nuts, Humus and Techini. The meats include Chorissos sausages, chicken steaks, Kebab and perfectly cured and grilled Rib-eye steak seasoned with rock salt and coarsely ground black pepper. There are potatoes baked in Potjiekos (African poyke pot), seasoned with olive oil and rosmary and hot Pitta bread. Cold beer, local wine, cold lemonade and water will wash it all down. Dessert is seasonal fruit, freshly brewed herbal tea and black coffee.

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