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"Breaking Dawn" - and it's effect on tourisim

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Many people ask me how events like the ongoing military operation, called "Breaking Dawn", against the Islamic Jihad in Gaza effects tourism in our area ?

The Negev desert is huge, it accounts for almost 60% of Israel's territory, and is generally divided into regions - "Westen Negev", "Northern Negev", "Eastern Negev", "Central Negev" also often referred to as the "Negev Highlands" and "Southern Negev".

Israel Desert Tours - Adam Sela is situated in the Negev Highlands region of the Negev which is not only quite far from the Gaza Strip but also sparsely populated and hence of little to no interest to the various terrorist groups in Gaza and so remains quiet and peaceful.

Indeed it is at times like these that people seeking to distance themselves from the current events take refuge in this region. The only draw back is that many of the roads and highways to the region cross areas that are closer to the Gaza strip and so the journey may seem a little dangerous but in reality is not that dangerous at all - HERE is a map showing the 'danger zones' with 'red' being the most dangerous to 'dark green' the least dangerous and the Negev Highlands straddles the light to dark green zone rendering it probably one of the least dangerous areas.

Any time is a great time to visit this area but it is at times like this that the area's remoteness and sparse population makes it even more attractive.

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